Loughborough Male Voice Choir
Gentlemen, would you like to give choir singing a try? Do you ever wonder what it would be like to stand on a stage as part of a Male Voice Choir, and perform in a concert, and feel the genuine applause of an appreciative audience? Perhaps you’ve had these thoughts a thousand times, but dismissed the idea as “me, I can’t sing“?
The Choir has a long and very successful history of singing and performing concerts since its formation and regularly performs concerts across the county of Leicestershire. The Choir has a large and varied repertoire of pieces you would expect a male voice choir to sing and some you would not. It includes folk and show songs, Welsh hymns, classical pieces, opera arrangements and standards up to the present day: something for everyone.
Welcome to  Loughborough  Male Voice Choir
The Choir welcomes invitations to sing at concerts, social events, weddings and funerals.
Everyone has to begin somewhere, even the most accomplished singer.
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Loughborough Male Voice Choir